Testosterone Therapy Costs

How Much Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost?

Will my insurance cover testosterone therapy?
Yes,the majority of insurance plans will cover Testosterone Replacement Therapy if the patient qualifies based on the insurance companies specific criteria.

Many patients opt to pay for the therapy themselves due to our reasonable cash prices. This option gives them much more treatment flexibility than they would otherwise have under their insurance companies treatment criteria.
What are the testosterone therapy costs without insurance?

Please call any one of our clinics to discuss our reasonable monthly payments.

Let's put it this way, if you drink a Starbucks coffee, one to two times a day, five days a week, you may be paying more for coffee than you would be for Testosterone Replacement Therapy!










***No prescription will be provided unless a clinical need exists based on required lab work, physician consultation, physical examination and current medical history. Please note, agreeing to lab work and physical exam does not guarantee a finding of clinical necessity and a prescription for hormone therapy, treatment or hormone medications including testosterone, HCG or any other medical treatment based on medical treatment.