1. 3 Reasons Franchises Succeed

    The business models of franchising has exploded over the last decade or so. With a new focus on healthcare, medical franchise opportunities have emerged on the market. Some have succeeded and others have failed. Statistics on the success and failure of franchises are outdated and don’t carry much weight today, but in general and when followed, the franchise business models find success. In this …Read More

  2. Do you Have What it Takes to be a Medical Franchise Owner?

    While a franchise is a small business, it takes a certain personality to partner with a franchisor. The corporate office wants to make sure they partner with those who are willing to follow the business structure. Here are some of the typical traits of a franchise owner. While some of these can be learned, others come naturally and need to be inherent in a person buying into a medical franchise. S…Read More

  3. How to Improve your Healthcare Franchise

    Owning a healthcare franchise involves managing many different areas. After you have your franchise up and running with a responsible staff, you can continue to grow the business and improve the various areas so you have a successful healthcare franchise. You are following the successful system built by the franchisor, but you still think there is more you can attain from your business. Here’s a…Read More

  4. Men’s Vitality Center Franchises Offer More in One Location

    Men can struggle with their health at any age, but many don’t automatically hop up and make an appointment to see their doctor. We’ve talked about why men make excuses or don’t make the appointment in a previous blog. How about starting a medical center specifically focused around men and their needs when it comes to medical care? If you’re looking for medical franchise opportunities to bu…Read More

  5. 3 Myths about Starting a Medical Franchise

    Franchises are popping up everywhere around us and it seems like they are fairly easy to get started, especially when the company has a solid reputation. There are, however, some things you should know if you are looking at medical franchise opportunities to buy into. Here are three myths that need to be busted about buying into a medical franchise.   Myth #1: Buying a medical franchise would…Read More

  6. How Men’s Vitality Center Is Here for You

    In our previous blog, we talked about how to avoid not having patients on your opening day. Starting a healthcare franchise can be stressful, but one rule of thumb for starting a business is to never stop marketing. Many of the tips are true for starting any franchise, but you may have to learn the lessons on your own, rather than having the support you'll get from us. Getting your Men's Vitality …Read More

  7. Avoid Those Proverbial Grand Opening Crickets

    Buying into a franchise can mean a huge amount of marketing and networking to get your company’s name and services out to the public, especially if your company and services are new to the area. This can be a challenging process and can become discouraging if you don’t have the right backing and connections. Starting a healthcare franchise, can be particularly challenging because you are essen…Read More

  8. Men’s Vitality Center Brings an Attractive Company Culture

    There is a lot of talk around company culture these days. One thing that drives a company's culture is their core values and beliefs. These are the standards for how they do business and make decisions. Daily actions will be lead by these. Large, thriving companies like Google, Zappos and New Belgium Brewery thrive on unconventional values as a large part of their companies. For instance, Google…Read More

  9. Reasons Men Should Go to the Doctor

    In a previous blog, we addressed reasons men don’t visit the doctor. There are many excuses, but it still stands that many health issues could be helped by going to the doctor for annual preventive care visits. By opening a medical franchise specializing in men’s healthcare in your community, you aren’t simply investing in your future, you can be a catalyst to helping men to live longer and …Read More

  10. Reasons Men Don’t Go to the Doctor

    It’s a reality, some men won’t go to the doctor for regular check ups. Sometimes by waiting, they risk catching health issues that are easy to treat early on and have to face more excessive treatments. Here are some reasons men won’t go in for regular healthcare visits. Men don’t want to pay the money for or can’t afford the checkup. They don’t like being told what to do, especially wh…Read More