Uncontrolled cholesterol levels can be extremely dangerous to the overall health of a male or a female. This waxy substance that is found within the blood can begin to build up along the walls of blood vessels. When bad cholesterol (LDL) levels are too high it can lead to completely blocked blood vessels. One important thing to note is that the body does need cholesterol in order to function correctly. There is also no way to 100% cut out all cholesterol from your diet. Managing cholesterol levels can be incredibly difficult without the help of a trained medical professional.

Blood cholesterol levels should be monitored via a blood test every year in adults. Many patients who receive high cholesterol readings are asked to increase exercise and diet. Often times this treatment option is the best for managing cholesterol levels. Being more conscious of what an individual puts into their body will often lead to a decrease in fatty, high cholesterol foods.  Exercise will also help an individual lose weight which will also help manage cholesterol levels.

When a strict diet and exercise program does not sufficiently manage high cholesterol levels, medications may be the next step. Medications that manage cholesterol were developed to slow down the rate at which LDL is created in the body while speeding up the liver’s metabolism of LDL. These medications are known as statins and many Americans are currently on a statin based management program. When paired with healthy eating, regular exercise, and proper medication guidelines, many people see positive results from statin medications.

Your physician at Men’s Vitality Clinic can help you with questions and concerns in regards to cholesterol management in Glendale, AZ.  You can get your health back under control with proper diet, exercise, and medications.