Health experts are constantly warning their patients of the negative side effects associated with obesity. Everyone knows that excess weight is not good for your overall health. While this is a common fact, many people do not actually heed the warnings. Carrying around excess weight can negatively impact a man’s life in many different ways. You can take back your life with the help of a men’s weight loss management program in Phoenix, AZ.

Excess weight often leads to type 2 diabetes. This disease occurs when the blood sugar levels get out of control and the pancreas can no longer keep with with insulin production. As obesity within the United States continues to rise, type 2 diabetes will also continue to rise. According to the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, 80% of individuals that are type 2 diabetics are also overweight.

High blood pressure is also another side effect of carrying excess weight. High blood pressure is a “silent” disease, as it usually does not have any outward symptoms. When high blood pressure is not controlled it can lead to other cardiovascular diseases. When being overweight affects blood pressure, it will eventually affect the heart. Over time, the arteries become narrowed and harder than normal. The narrowing occurs due to high concentrations of bad cholesterol (LDL’s), while over time the arteries may become blocked and a heart attack or stroke may occur.

These are only a few of the ways that being overweight can affect your health and well-being. Contact Men’s Vitality Center near Phoenix, AZ to learn about our medically supervised men’s weight loss management program. With tips, nutritional support, and weight loss programs, patients can begin to lose weight in a safe and effective manner.