If you’re like most Americans, then you’ve probably started to work toward the resolutions you set at the end of last year. Maybe you’re hoping to shed unwanted weight and build lean muscle, or perhaps you’ve started testosterone replacement therapy as part of a regimen that will improve your overall quality of life. Men’s Vitality Center in Glendale is here to support you and your goals, so in today’s post, we’ll provide you with five tips that can help you stick to your resolutions.

When you’ve finished reading today’s post, get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you take the first steps toward a healthier, happier life! We offer cutting-edge testosterone replacement therapy, weight loss programs for men, and so much more. Read on to learn how you can set yourself up for resolution success!

Five Easy Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions

Be Specific

Many resolutions fail because they’re just not specific enough. You may have some ideas about what you’d like to do this year, but have you made any quantifiable goals? For instance, instead of saying, “I want to lose weight this year,” you should come up with a realistic number to work toward. If your resolution is something that isn’t as easily quantified, then try to check in on your progress each month so that you can evaluate how you’re doing.

Start Small

Many people view a new year as a chance to get a fresh start. While there’s no denying that a new year symbolizes starting with a clean slate, you should keep in mind that your habits and tendencies didn’t change when the calendar changed to January 1. In fact, the vast majority of psychological studies show that we’re more likely to stick to our resolutions when they don’t demand a huge shift in how we live our lives.

As an example, if you’re trying to eat healthier foods and reduce your sugar intake, then try to slowly make the transition over the period of a month or two. While this approach may not feel as productive as purging every processed treat in your fridge, freezer, and cabinets, making a gradual transition is much more sustainable in the long run.

You should also frame your weight loss and physical fitness goals using the same mindset. Six-pack abs are a fantastic long-term fitness goal, but if you’re not careful, then you might find yourself feeling like you’ve fallen short even after six months of dedicated training. It’s perfectly fine to have lofty long-term goals that will keep you motivated, but it’s even more important to have small, incremental goals that you can accomplish on the way.

Reach Out to a Friend 

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, eat a healthier diet, or read more frequently, you’re much more likely to accomplish your goals if you have someone there to keep you accountable. Whether it’s showing up to the gym for daily workouts or talking about the latest chapter in a book you’ve both decided to read, involving someone else in your resolution gives you one more reason to keep going.

Men’s Vitality Center in Glendale offers weight loss management programs that can help you stay motivated and accountable. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you with your weight loss goals!

Track Your Progress

Depending on the goals you’ve set for yourself, you may be working toward them for the rest of the year, and potentially even longer. One of the best ways to ensure that you’re making progress is to check in with yourself periodically. Whether it’s once each or month or once a week, having hard data at your disposal will allow you to objectively evaluate how you’re doing. As an example, if you’re receiving testosterone replacement therapy, then be sure to document how you feel from week to week in order to help our physicians gauge your progress.

Don’t Chase Perfection

Many resolutions fail because people view them as all-or-nothing ventures. It’s completely understandable to feel discouraged if you have a cheat meal or skip a workout, but you should also look at your progress through a long-term lens. Cheat days and skipped workouts are bound to happen, and if you’re giving your goals everything you have for 80 percent of the month, then you’ve almost certainly earned a day or two off!

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