Testosterone is a male hormone produced in the body, and we can’t emphasize its importance enough. Testosterone plays critical roles in muscle mass formation and retention, sex drive, fat distribution, and much more. Low levels of testosterone can cause health problems for men of all ages, and in this blog, we’ll introduce you to four symptoms of low testosterone that you should never ignore. If you think you might be experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, contact a men’s health professional at Men’s Vitality Center in Glendale. Our doctors specialize in men’s health and testosterone replacement therapy.

Low Sex Drive

Also known as “libido,” your sex drive is directly related to your testosterone levels. A drastic and marked drop in your libido can often be explained by other factors in your life, but ongoing and chronic changes are a cause for concern. While it’s fairly common for men to experience a reduction in their libido as they grow older, you should contact your doctor if you find that a significant change in your libido is occurring.

Erection Difficulties

Testosterone plays a critical role in your libido, and it’s also an important component of achieving and sustaining an erection. While other factors such as smoking, alcohol use, depression, anxiety, and diabetes can all contribute to erectile dysfunction, bringing your erectile dysfunction to your doctor’s attention can help them to quickly diagnose and treat the problem.

Chronic Fatigue and Concentration Problems

Have you found yourself excessively tired and worn out? Men with low levels of testosterone frequently report feeling tired and depleted of energy, even when they’re getting a good night’s sleep. Men with low levels of testosterone also commonly report feeling foggy and find themselves unable to sustain their concentration for long periods of time. Feeling worn out and lethargic can have many different causes, but you should contact your doctor if you’ve noticed a sudden and marked decrease in your energy levels and ability to concentrate.

Increased Body Fat

The holiday season has nearly come to a close, and most Americans are probably feeling like their waistlines have expanded just a little bit. This is normal and expected around this time of the year, but a sharp and sustained increase in your body fat levels might be indicative of low testosterone levels. Healthy levels of testosterone are a necessary component of achieving and sustaining a healthy body weight, as well as a crucial component of muscle mass maintenance.

Carrying extra weight is bad for your health, and it can be especially detrimental to your testosterone levels. Numerous studies have confirmed that as your weight goes up, your testosterone levels will drop. This can result in a vicious cycle: testosterone plays a crucial role in your ability to lose fat, but obesity and high body fat levels diminish your body’s ability to produce normal levels of testosterone.

Contact one of our men’s health professionals at Men’s Vitality Clinic in Glendale if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms individually or jointly. While these symptoms often have explanations other than low testosterone levels, they are serious and should be brought to a doctor’s attention.

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