Diagnosing low testosterone takes much more than a simple survey in a popular men’s magazine. With a wealth of information available surrounding testosterone levels, etc. it is difficult to wade through the superfluous information. Not everyone is an expert, no matter how many magazine articles they have read. Boosting natural testosterone levels is not always possible by eating “superfoods” or picking up a testosterone-boosting workout regime. Abnormally low levels of testosterone must be diagnosed by a qualified medical professional.

Low testosterone replacement therapy in Glendale can only be completed by a licensed medical professional. Heading into a clinic and stating that you want testosterone replacement therapy because you are tired and not gaining muscle, etc. is not necessarily due to low-t levels. The only true diagnosis of low testosterone is through a comprehensive blood test that is prescribed by a medical doctor. These blood tests will count testosterone levels within the blood. More than one test may be necessary to track testosterone over the long term. A comprehensive testosterone blood test will focus on bound and unbound testosterone levels. A medical professional (physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, D.O, or MD) may even decide to order a bio-available testosterone test for even better tracking. Low testosterone replacement therapy in Glendale in not completed on men that do not have abnormally low levels of testosterone in their blood.

The results of all blood tests should only be interpreted by a medical professional, not Google or your personal trainer. If you have questions or concerns about low testosterone, skip the internet. Call Men’s Vitality Center in Glendale and schedule an appointment with a qualified medical professional. You will be happy that you did!