Let’s face it — losing weight is hard. It’s difficult to stay motivated if you hit a plateau, and it’s easy to get derailed if you have a few cheat days or go on vacation. In a previous post, we provided you with a few tips that can help you lose weight sustainably. In today’s entry, we’ll continue to provide you with tips that can help you lose weight and keep it off.

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More Effective Weight Loss Tips

Build a Support Network

A strong support network is a great way to keep yourself motivated through difficult periods. We can easily talk ourselves out of going to the gym or cooking healthy meals, but studies show that most people are highly concerned to keep their commitments if another person is involved. Reach out to a friend to see if they want to be your gym partner, or if they would want to meal prep with you on the weekends.

On a related note, individualized support is one of the many reasons why our weight loss programs for men are so successful! Call to learn more today.

Enjoy Yourself

If you’re trying to lose weight and keep it off, then you need to make sure that you can maintain your current lifestyle into the indefinite future. If you can’t stand salads, for instance, then it’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll continue to eat them for the next few months. Similarly, if you absolutely hate running, then you probably won’t be motivated to wake up early and lace up your running shoes. Life is too short to choke down meals or force yourself through a workout that you truly can’t stand, so find food and physical activities you actually enjoy!

Drink More Water 

It’s important to keep yourself adequately hydrated, and this is especially true if you’re trying to lose weight. Try to drink at least one 8-ounce glass of water before you sit down for a meal, and follow the meal with another glass of water before going back for seconds. We often misperceive thirst as hunger, leading us to consume more calories than we actually need.

Don’t Starve Yourself

Many people have the mistaken, but understandable, idea that eating as little as possible is the most effective way to lose weight quickly. However, starving your body is actually one of the most counterproductive things you can do. When the body is severely deprived of calories, it holds on to fat in order to keep you sustained. Moreover, starving yourself can significantly decrease your testosterone levels, interrupt your sleep cycles, and cause mood problems.

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