The weather in Glendale is cooling off, and here at Men’s Vitality Center, we can’t believe that winter is just around the corner. Halloween will come and go in a flash, and before you know it, you’ll be shopping for the holidays and preparing to host your friends and family for seasonal parties. Low testosterone is one of the most common causes of low energy, fatigue, and mood problems in older men, and you don’t want the holiday season to be compromised by the symptoms of low testosterone. In today’s post, we’ll explain a few of the reasons why you should come to Men’s Vitality Center in Glendale for testosterone replacement therapy.

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You’ll Have More Energy

Have you been feeling more tired than usual? It’s completely normal for men to have lower energy levels as they age, but severe or very fast drops in your daily energy are a cause for concern.

Maybe you feel like you have to take a nap in the afternoon to keep going, or perhaps you wake up feeling tired no matter how well you slept the night before. Low testosterone can often contribute to severe fatigue, so get in touch with us if you’re not feeling as energetic as you once did. Testosterone replacement therapy might be just what you need to start feeling your best!

You’ll Feel More Optimistic 

While the taboo surrounding mental health in the United States is slowly dissolving, many older men still feel embarrassed or ashamed to bring mental health issues to their doctor’s attention. Far too many men silently struggle with the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and these symptoms are often caused by low testosterone levels. Men with low testosterone levels are much more likely than men with normal testosterone levels to struggle with irritability, demotivation, and mood problems, so get in touch with us if you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately. Even if your testosterone levels are completely fine, your mental health is incredibly important to us. No matter what you’re going through, our men’s experts will confidentially help you find a solution.

You’ll Lose Weight

Testosterone plays many roles in the body, and muscle maintenance and body fat regulation are two of the most important. While the link between testosterone and weight is still being researched, men with low testosterone levels tend to have more body fat and less muscle mass than men with normal testosterone levels. It’s completely normal that you won’t be able to play basketball like could in your 20s as you reach your 50s, but a significant decrease in your strength and stamina should always warrant a discussion with your physician. Similarly, unexplained weight gain should always be brought up with your health provider.

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