Testosterone is one of the most important male hormones in the human body. It is responsible for sexual and reproductive development. Testosterone is also extremely important for the development of the male sex organs and secondary sex characteristics. Testosterone is also responsible for sex drive, sperm production, maintenance of muscle mass and strength, fat distribution, and much more. When a male is facing low testosterone levels, there may be quite a few negative side effects.

One of the only ways to increase low testosterone levels is with testosterone replacement therapy. This type of therapy will also help with the negative side effects of low testosterone. When a male has low testosterone levels he will likely suffer from a low sex drive. Sexual side effects are usually the first sign of low testosterone levels. He may also suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence when testosterone levels fall below normal. Another negative side effect of low testosterone levels is increased breast size and low sperm count.

Testosterone replacement therapy may also be able to offset other negative side effects of low testosterone levels such as mood changes. Anger, irritability, depression, and inability to concentrate have all been widely noted as negative side effects of low-T. Also, males may begin to see that they are losing muscle mass and replacing it with fat.

These are only some of the most common complaints among males with low testosterone levels. Low-T levels can only be diagnosed by a medical professional through a series of blood draws. If you or your loved one are suffering from any of the above symptoms, visit Men’s Health Clinic in Glendale, AZ. Our physicians can help you get your life back on track!