It is not atypical for men of a certain age to start feeling a little different. Sometimes this change is due to increased stress, decreased exercises, etc. Other times this change is due to abnormally low testosterone levels. While most men over the age of 30 years old will experience a slight decline in the natural production of testosterone, most of the time the effects are not noticeable. When natural testosterone production levels drop off significantly men may begin to feel “not like themselves.” Unfortunately, this decrease in testosterone can affect men of any age.

Testosterone replacement therapy in Glendale may be a viable treatment option for men that suffer from decreased testosterone production. While there are some severe side effects of low testosterone such as decreased libido or decreased bone density, some are symptoms that you may not notice. Some men complain of feeling “off” or “different” then they use to. This is due to the fact that testosterone is one of the most important male hormones. When a man suffers from low testosterone he may feel depressed, lethargic, or sleepy. Also, men are known to experience irritability, fat gain, and low sex drive.

The only way to know for certain that men are suffering from low testosterone levels is through laboratory testing. A physician at Men’s Vitality Clinic in Glendale will order blood panels to check for testosterone levels. When these levels come back below normal, men may be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy. Since this can be a sensitive subject for most men, speak to your physician to get some answers. With the proper testosterone replacement therapy management program, you may be able to start feeling like yourself in a short time.