In the last edition of this blog, we talked about the most commonly prescribed testosterone replacement therapy options in Glendale. In this edition, we will talk about other forms of testosterone replacement therapy that may not be as well know. Due to the fact that low testosterone can affect men of any age and race, testosterone replacement therapy has been a growing field within men’s health services. When you have questions or concerns about your testosterone levels, the physicians at Men’s Vitality Clinic can help you learn more about treatment options.

One of the lesser known testosterone therapy options is patch that releases testosterone in a transdermal manner. The most popular patch is the scrotal patch. There is also a non-scrotal testosterone patch that can be applied to other areas of the body. Typically 1-2 of these patches must be used per day. These patches can cause skin irritation and may have the same types of absorption problems as the topical creams.

Buccal testosterone is not a very common option, but have been around for a long time. These are small tablets that are applied to the inner mouth (gum line). Typically these are a better option for men that have a hard time with transdermal absorption. Once disadvantage may be the fact that these pills can cause gum line irritation and/or pain.

Testosterone replacement therapy can also come in the form of implantable pellets. These pellets were developed back in the 1940’s and have shown great success in overseas markets. These pellets are long lasting (4-6 months) and are implanted under the skin of the abdomen, thigh or the deltoid. Like the injections, the initial free testosterone levels in the blood may peak and then begin to decrease by the later months. The implantation can be painful, and the pellets are not easily removed. This is not a treatment option for older gentlemen.

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