Testosterone replacement therapy in Glendale is becoming a regular treatment option as hypogonadism becomes a more common diagnosis. Hypogonadism can affect men of all ages, and as such, treatment is sought quite frequently. Even with the instances of testosterone replacement therapy increasing, patients still have a difficult time separating fact from fiction. With the help of a qualified medical professional at Men’s Vitality Center in Glendale, we can help patients grasp the reason behind testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Now that every Joe Schmo on the internet is an “expert” on testosterone, myths are running rampant. Taking certain bits and pieces out of scientific research while ignoring the rest of the information can lead to men having misconceptions about treatment and outcomes. Here are some of the most common myths we must debunk before we begin testosterone replacement therapy on a patient:

  • Myth: There are no long-term studies that show the effects of testosterone replacement therapy
    • Reality: There are multiple longitudinal studies that follow a large group of men for more than a decade. All testosterone replacement therapy treatment outcomes are meticulously kept track of throughout the years.
  • Myth: Testosterone replacement therapy is responsible for a higher rate of prostate cancer
    • Reality: Referring back to a few longitudinal studies, specifically one that was released in 2014 by the Journal of Urology, men that were on TRT were less likely to develop prostate cancer when compared to non-TRT patients. TRT treatments are very safe and have been a great treatment option for decades.
  • Myth: Cardiovascular problems occur when men start taking testosterone
    • Reality: There has been no recent scientific evidence that can back up these claims. Old, outdated, and poorly conducted medical studies are to blame for this myth.
  • Myth: Low testosterone only affects a man in the bedroom
    • Reality: Low testosterone can affect all facets of a man’s life; energy levels, sexual performance, muscle tone, fat gain, etc. Testosterone replacement can help decrease these negative side effects.

Before you brush off testosterone replacement therapy as a viable treatment option, contact a professional at Men’s Vitality Center in Glendale. This treatment option can help you live a higher quality of life.