One of the most common misconceptions about testosterone replacement therapy is that only male that is affected benefits from therapy. Since low testosterone levels affect more than one aspect of a man’s life, receiving treatment can be beneficial for many people. It should be noted that not all men that are experiencing certain symptoms (that are closely linked to low testosterone) are affected by low testosterone levels. This makes it difficult for physicians to distinguish between hypogonadism (low testosterone) and other medical conditions. The only way to positively identify males that are suffering from low testosterone is with a comprehensive blood test. Once the proper channels have been navigated, men may be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy in Glendale or Phoenix.

Men that are suffering the ill side effects of low testosterone can attest to the fact that all aspects of their lives are affected. One of the major side effects of low testosterone is a lack of sex drive, or a decreased sexual function. These men will see drastic changes in their sex lives after beginning testosterone replacement therapy. This means that the partners of these men will be positively affected as well. Often men that are affected by low testosterone will see a decrease in mental acuity, problems with concentration, excess fatigue, and decreased energy levels. These types of side effects can be extremely detrimental to a male’s work environment. With the help of testosterone replacement therapy in Glendale, AZ, these men will begin to feel ‘normal’ again. It is likely that their work production and quality will increase with testosterone replacement therapy.

It seems that everyone can benefit from testosterone replacement therapy in Glendale. Whether the benefit is first or second hand, all aspects of a man’s life can be improved. To learn if testosterone replacement therapy is for you, contact your physician at Men’s Vitality Center in Glendale.