When you have low testosterone levels , Men’s Vitality Center can help. We offer testosterone replacement therapy to men to help them conquer the symptoms of low testosterone, such as decreased sex drive, fatigue, and loss of muscle mass. However, some men also like to supplement their treatment with certain lifestyle changes. While there is still much more research to be done on the topic, some studies suggest that exercise may help elevate testosterone levels.

It is true that testosterone levels rise after exercise. However, this does not last long term. Generally your testosterone is raised 15 minutes to an hour after exercise. Therefore, exercise alone will not raise your testosterone levels significantly. However, exercise has benefits that may help you with your low testosterone. For example, exercise helps you lose weight. Being overweight lowers your testosterone, so if you are overweight and begin to incorporate regular exercise into your routine, it may help raise your testosterone levels. Additionally, exercise can improve your bone and muscle health, which are detrimentally affected by low testosterone levels.

In terms of what type of exercise to do, strength training workouts have a larger effect on testosterone levels. Performing a workout that exercises a variety of muscles instead of focusing on one group will have a greater effect, as will lifting heavier weights for fewer reps. For your overall health, it is also important to incorporate cardio and flexibility training. Be sure to avoid overtraining, and give yourself adequate recovery time between workouts.

When it comes to low testosterone, you don’t have to suffer through it alone. Men’s Vitality Center in Glendale can help. If you are experiencing low testosterone in Glendale or Phoenix, AZ, come into Men’s Vitality Center for testosterone replacement therapy.