The weather in Tempe is getting hotter by the day, and we probably won’t see it dip into the double-digits until September or October. We know that the heat won’t stop you from living your life, but it’s important to be safe and mindful of your health while you enjoy the beautiful summer weather. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with several health tips that will help you look and feel your best this summer.

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Summer Safety Tips

Wear Sunscreen

First and foremost, always wear sunscreen if you’ll be spending an extended amount of time outdoors. Apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. Try to find a package that reads “broad-spectrum,” as products with this label protect you from more of the sun’s harmful rays than those without. Reapply every 90 minutes, or more frequently if you’re sweating heavily or swimming.

We know that nobody likes putting on sunscreen, but it’s important to keep in mind that men are more likely to develop melanoma — the most serious form of skin cancer — than women. Men are also more likely to die of melanoma cancer than women, which makes it crucial to maintain a layer of sunscreen if you’ll be spending any amount of time outdoors this summer.

Get a Physical

Summer is the perfect time to get out and explore, go for a swim, and do any number of fun outdoor activities. However, it’s always a good idea to have a physical before you jump in head first. Your body probably isn’t what it was when you were 20, and you may need to exercise caution when performing certain activities. Men’s Vitality Center in Tempe can provide you with a fast and easy physical exam that puts your mind at ease!

Know the Signs of Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a condition in which the body can’t cool down fast enough after strenuous exercise or time spent in hot conditions. It can also be caused by alcohol consumption and dehydration, though these cases are rarer. If you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time outdoors, watch for the following signs in yourself and anyone in your group:

  • Cool, moist skin with goosebumps
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Heavy sweating
  • Fatigue and severe muscle cramps
  • Headache or migraine
  • Nausea and/or vomiting

If you or someone you’re with is exhibiting these signs, stop what you’re doing and find a cool, shaded place to rest. Sip cool water or a sports drink with electrolytes, and call for medical attention immediately if symptoms worsen.

Stay Hydrated

Speaking of water, it’s important to drink plenty of it — regardless of what you’re doing or how long you’ll be outside. As a general rule, drinking just water is fine if you’ll be out for under an hour. If you’ll be outdoors for any longer than that, plan on bringing a drink with electrolytes (and one that isn’t filled with sugar, if possible).

Don’t Forget About Your Pets

While we’ve listed this point last, it’s certainly not the least important. Arizona can get incredibly hot during the summer, and it’s important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t take your furry friends out unless it’s in the morning or after the sun’s gone down. Pets with short hair are just as susceptible to sunburns as you are, and many breeds can even develop skin cancer as a result of frequent burns. On the other hand, dogs with longer fur and thicker coats are more prone to overheating in the sun.

Keep in mind that if it’s too hot for you to go for a walk, it’s too hot for your pets, too.

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