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Why Own A Men's Health Clinic Franchise?

Don’t be afraid of opening your own business. After all, your friends and family see you as a leader. There are several advantages and factors to consider when starting a business and Men’s Vitality Center offers a proven, tried and true business model at an affordable cost. This means you can become successful quickly! It’s time to make an investment in not only a health business, but an investment in your future. 


Industry Growth Statistics

There’s no doubt about it: being healthy is in. Consider how many people you know that belong to health clubs and gyms. Men’s primary physician care is currently a $135.2 Billion dollar industry. In just roughly 4 years, the same industry is projected to grow by 4% to $164.5 Billion dollars.

Additionally, when you consider the fact that no single medical practice accounts for more than 1% of the primary care industry revenue. The primary medical care industry has spread itself too thin. No one wants to see multiple doctors when they can go to one, “in the box” Men’s clinic for everything at once. Not only does it offer convenience, but it offers privacy: two things men want.



Affordable Investment

Owning a Men's Vitality Center is affordable and we offer financial assistance, should you choose to take advantage of the franchise opportunity. We have done the heavy lifting and created a proven business model that will be successful in the hands of the right owner. The work ethos and investment in marketing is ultimately crucial to your overall sucess; but we are here to support your efforts to make your investment take off as smoothly and quickly as possible. 

So Why Choose Men's Vitality Center?

Financing assistance is available to qualified candidates. Essentially, every facet from start up cost, real estate, build out, equipment, franchising fees, marketing dollars etc. can be financed. Our financing assistance programs will allow you to start your business as quickly as possible, while easing the upfront financial commitment & headache of raising capital.

We walk with you every step of the way. That means that we even use the best solutions to help you find the perfect site for your franchise. Through the help of Javelin Solutions, a company dedicated to improving the efficiency of franchise site selection, and F.C. Dadson, a company that specializes in designing and installing retail environments, we can offer discounted rates and site analysis so that there’s no trial and error.

We only work with prefered partners to ensure that your franchise location is built with a streamlined process and deeply discounted rates, saving you money that you can put back into your pocket. We partner with F.C. Dadson and 360GlobalFran to give your franchise an interior design that is not only consistent to the brand but appealing to your customers.

We provide excellent training so that you never feel unsure of your investment or business. With 2 weeks of quality training that you can learn from, you’ll spend 1 week with corporate and 1 week at the franchise site learning the ropes. If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. We’re partners, in this together.

What About Our Marketing Benefits?

Read For Yourself from Current Men's Vitality Owners

"Best Decision We've Ever Made"

Partnering with Dr. Evans and the Men's Vitality brand was the best decision we've ever made.  To be involved with something we are extremely passionate about in helping men understand the importance of taking care of themselves, how it affects everyone close to them, truly has been a blessing.  The support we have received from Dr. Evans and his team has been fantastic, and it shows from the success of our Tucson location.

stars -Eric Dahlberg & Amina Ahmed

Financial Requirements

Opening a Men’s Vitality Center medical franchise takes dedication. The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Men’s Health Center license is $450,025 to $1,274,400, including $65,000 to $125,000 that must be paid to the franchisor. Our medical healthcare franchise opportunities are available to those who can pay these fees and meet our standards.

Financing is available. Neither we nor any of our agents or affiliates offer direct or indirect financing for Men’s Medical Center franchises. We will not guarantee your note, lease or obligation. Occasionally various lenders notify us of their willingness to offer financing arrangements to licensees. We will provide you with the names and addresses of those lenders, if you request the information. If you are interested in participating in a financing arrangement with any lender, you should look solely to that lender for any information relating to terms, eligibility and availability of the financing arrangement. Entering into a financing arrangement with any lender must be based solely on your business judgment and after you have performed all due diligence that you deem necessary.

Terms of Franchise Agreement

Buying a franchise is a complex investment. The information in the disclosure document can help you make up your mind. This franchise agreement outlines the entirety of what it means to be a means health center franchise.

To obtain the complete franchise disclosure document please contact Eric Dahlberg, VP Franchise Sales, 8520 E. Shea Boulevard, Suite 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85260. 720-234-7993.

Royalty Fees

Our low royalty fees of only 6% allow you to put more money back into your pocket from your franchise investment. You’ll find more information in our FDD and through speaking to one of our franchise sales representatives.

Franchising Fees

The initial franchising fees for investors is only $40,000 which is extremely affordable & means you be able to invest your dollars in the important things like marketing, build outs, staff and your office.

Apply For A Franchise!Get started in owning one today!
Download Sales BrochureRead the MVC Whitepaper & Sales Brochure