Millions of Americans live their everyday lives affected by one of the most deadly diseases in the world. Diabetes is a disease that affects insulin production in two separate ways. Every single day people can die due to this preventable and treatable disease. Those who do not control their diabetes are likely to suffer major health problems and even death.  Thankfully scientific research has come a long way in treating both Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. The men’s health services at Men’s Vitality Clinic in Glendale, AZ can help those affected by diabetes with treatments and management guidelines.

Type 1 diabetics have lost the ability to naturally produce insulin. There is still no explanation as to why this form of diabetes occurs. Periodic blood glucose testing is one of the best ways to track the levels of glucose in the blood to avoid complications. Type 1 diabetes requires daily (multiple times) insulin injections based off of the current blood glucose levels. Type 1 diabetics also respond well to proper exercise and diet regimens. Type 1 diabetics need constant monitoring from their primary care physicians to avoid complications.

Type 2 diabetics have a problem utilizing the insulin that their body produces. It is by far the most common form of diabetes in the United States. Like Type 1 diabetics, those affected with type 2 diabetes will take periodic blood glucose level tests. Type 2 diabetics will also benefit from both exercise and nutrition. Unlike a Type 1 diabetic, those who suffer from type 2 diabetes can get their diabetes under control with injectable and oral medications prescribed by their primary care physician.

If you need help getting your diabetes under control contact your primary care physician at Men’s Vitality Clinic. We can help get your life back on track.