Every other year the Department of Transportation requires its workers to undergo a physical evaluation by a medical professional. In order to maintain a commercial drivers license, these physicals must be completed by the due date, and each category must be passed. Men’s health services departments across the state will see DOT physicals come through their doors yearly. Men’s Vitality Clinic in Glendale, AZ can handle Department of Transportation physicals.

The Department of Transportation physical is valid to an individual for up to 2 years after it has been accepted by the DOT. If there is a medical concern present in a physical the medical examiner can stipulate how long the physical is valid. A commercial driver is not only in charge of their own safety, they are responsible for the lives of others. As such, there are many different tests that a driver must pass to renew their license:

  1. Drug Test: Each driver must pass the drug test portion with absolutely no trace of amphetamine, marijuana, opiates, cocaine, or phencyclidine in their system.
  2. Urine Test: Not just for the presence of drugs, it will also give early signs of uncontrolled diabetes or other medical problems.
  3. Blood Pressure: Drivers must have a blood pressure reading under 140/90 to receive a 2 year license. Those who test higher must see their physician more often for BP readings. Uncontrolled BP may disqualify you from receiving your license.
  4. Vision Testing: Failed vision tests disqualify an individual from getting their license.
  5. Mental Disorders: If an individual suffers from certain mental disorders they will not receive their license.
  6. Epilepsy: Any individual diagnosed with epilepsy will be disqualified from getting their license through the DOT
  7. Alcohol Addiction: Those with alcohol addiction will be disqualified from receiving their commercial license from the DOT.

Men’s health services at Men’s Vitality clinic cover a multitude of medical concerns from physicals to sports medicine treatments. Our primary care physicians offer walk in appointments in a comfortable and friendly environment.