For many Americans, living in a constant state of pain is a daily occurrence. Many of these pain issues can be linked to chronic joint pains or other chronic pain issues. Chronic joint pain causes many people that were once active to become inactive. They believe that it is easier to stop everyday activities rather than live with the increased pain. Unfortunately, these chronic pain issues can decrease the quality of life. Individuals no longer have to live in chronic pain when the contact Glendale men’s health services through Men’s Vitality Center. It is our physician’s job to help male patients manage their chronic joint issues.

Chronic joint pain can stem from any number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons behind chronic joint pain are due to degeneration of cartilage within the knees or other arthritic changes to joints. This change in cartilage thickness can be due to excess weight that negatively affects joints, trauma to certain areas of the body, joint instability, improper nutrition, poor biomechanics, gender, genetics, and age.

Obesity, nutrition, and biomechanics are all things that people can fix with a little help from Men’s Vitality Center’s Glendale men’s health services. Individuals that carry around excess weight are putting excess stress on the cartilage of weight bearing joints. Insulin responses can also change in those that carry excess weight which means that cartilage may break down even further. Research is showing that certain supplements have shown great progress in decreasing chronic joint pain due to arthritis. Biomechanics, especially poor biomechanics in active individuals, can wear down cartilage in joints. The Glendale men’s health services that are available at Men’s Vitality Center can help identify problems with biomechanics to decrease chronic pain.

To learn more about how Men’s Vitality center can help decrease chronic joint pain give us a call today. Through lifestyle modifications and other medical interventions our Glendale men’s health services can help you live a more active and rewarding lifestyle.