Abnormal cholesterol levels can be truly devastating to the human body. High cholesterol levels can cause cardiovascular disease which happens to be the number one cause of death within the United States. Cholesterol issues can be due to genetics or due to improper diet and exercise habits. Unfortunately cholesterol levels cannot be detected without laboratory testing, so they tend to go unreported in the vast majority of Americans. Glendale men’s health services that are available at Men’s Vitality Clinic are helping men in the Phoenix and Glendale areas get their health back under control.

Many men are put off by the idea of taking medications on a daily basis. Statins are the go-to medications for treating high cholesterol. There are ways that men can try to decrease their cholesterol levels without resorting to medications. Typically a physician at Men’s Vitality Clinic will start a cholesterol management program with proper diet and exercise. Weight, foods that are ingested, and exercise levels will also impact cholesterol levels in one way or another. Physicians will also try to educate their parents on the foods that will increase LDL (also known as bad cholesterol). Staying away from these foods and increasing exercise will help increase HDL (good cholesterol) while decreasing bad cholesterol. Exercise is one of the biggest factors when warding off potential heart disease. This all-natural way of managing cholesterol may take a few months to see results.

Speaking with your physician is the first step in fighting the negative effects of high cholesterol levels. Most treatment protocols will necessitate a change in lifestyle. Still, these changes may not be enough to decrease cholesterol levels. This is true for individuals that cannot control their cholesterol levels through diet and exercise due to genetics. This is where your physician at Men’s Vitality can help! Call today for an appointment!