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Whether you need a physical exam for sports or work, the Men’s Vitality Center provides convenient physical exams to men of all ages in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Some men avoid physicals unless they absolutely have to get them. However, knowing what to expect during your physical exam will certainly ease your mind and make things go smoothly. Here are a just a few thing that men can expect during their next physical exam at the Men’s Vitality Center.

  • Testicular exam. You may receive a testicular exam in order to check for lumps that may be cancer or other harmful conditions that affect the testicles.
  • Hernia exam. Also known as the “turn your head and cough” exam, the hernia exam checks for any weaknesses in the abdominal wall between the intestines and scrotum.
  • Prostate exam. Your physician will also want to perform a prostate exam after you’re 50 years old, if your insurance company requests it to qualify for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or if you symptoms consistent with a prostate issue.  Your doctor will need to feel the prostate to evaluate its size and to inspect for any suspicious areas around and on the prostate.

Your physical exam will also emphasize steps for disease prevention.  These exams are a great opportunity for your physician to take a full comprehensive note of what’s going on with your body.

As they say, knowledge is power.  Remain knowledgeable about your health.  Schedule an appointment to see your medical provider at the Men’s Vitality Center today.

Find A Location Near YouIt’s fast, easy & convenient. Try It!
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I have More Energy

“I don’t even remember what it’s like to feel like I used to before I started treatment. I have more energy, I have a burning desire to work out and in one year I have gained about 15 pounds of muscle. I’ve lost weight, I look great, I feel great and I honestly feel like I can even smell and see things more clearly. My wife is also VERY happy with all the above.”


Thomas J Stinson


MVC for Over Two Years

I’ve been going to MVC for over 2 years now. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to have my T levels checked! Most men have no idea how prevalent low T is (even if you’re in your 30’s or younger) and how easy, painless, and convenient TRT treatment is. The biggest obvious change for me is much better overall energy – no more mid-afternoon naps, better ability to focus and concentrate, and needless to say, better libido. Andre and his staff are the best in Phoenix — if you’re a guy of ANY age, it’s really worth it to have your testosterone levels checked — even if only as a way to get a baseline reference — I’ve had guys as young as 30 test very low. As a fitness coach, I always tell my clients that no amount of hard training or clean diet will offset hormonal deficiencies. Establishing optimal hormone levels is job 1 when it comes to maximizing your health and longevity!


Charles S.