When it comes to prevention and early detection, men’s health often takes a back seat to women’s health. However, research shows that compared to women, men are more likely to smoke and drink alcohol and lead less healthy lifestyles. In addition, men are more likely to put off routine checkups and also delay seeking men’s health services in Tempe for symptoms of a health problem. Compared to working-aged women, working-aged men are less likely to have a regular doctor and health insurance.

Fortunately, many of the health conditions and diseases that men face can be prevented or treated if found early enough. In order to start taking better care of their health, it is important for men to understand their risk factors and how they can improve their overall health. The most common conditions affecting men are heart disease, prostate, testicular, and colon cancer, and osteoporosis later in life.

Risk factors for heart disease include:

  • High cholesterol levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Physical inactivity

Risk factors for cancer include:

  • Overweight/obesity
  • High-fat diet
  • Low-fat diet
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Physical Inactivity

Many people think of osteoporosis as a disease associated with women. However men are at risk too. Risk factors for osteoporosis include:

  • Increasing age
  • Family history
  • Tobacco use
  • Excessive soda and alcohol consumption
  • Low calcium intake
  • Physical inactivity

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