It’s time to take charge of your health and your life. As men, we have families and friends who look up to us and need us. Do something good for yourself and your body while also doing something for your loved ones, too. The Men’s Vitality Center, one of the nation’s leaders in Men’s Health, has some of the best resources for weight loss for men and testosterone replacement therapy in the country. We embody strength, masculinity, and virility and you can, too!

Here at the Men’s Vitality Center, we can help you lose that gut and look more masculine with a variety of our weight loss for men programs. After a physical evaluation, we will be able to better determine what will work for you.  As every man is different, his weight loss is also different.  We have programs that involve medical weight loss as well as traditional weight loss management techniques that will have you feeling better about your appearance faster than you could imagine.  We highly encourage you to do something good for yourself and your loved ones.  Get in shape!

A few extra pounds never hurt anyone, though, right? WRONG. Men pay dearly for those added pounds.

  • Recent studies done by Harvard University show that extra weight and obesity take a unfavorable toll on men’s hormones, sexuality, and prostate health. That means the more weight you gain, the less testosterone your body makes. The less testosterone you have, the less you feel like a man. Lower testosterone also decreases your muscle function and heart health.
  • Men who are overweight also experience more issues with erectile dysfunction. Weight loss for men can improve ED.
  • Do you want children? Obesity and excess weight gain can decrease your sperm count and your sperm motility which can lead to a man being infertile. It’s never too late for weight loss.
  • Those extra pounds can also cause kidney stones. While erectile dysfunction certainly takes a toll on a man’s mental state, as well as their relationship, kidney stones are much less personal. They simply hurt. A lot. Not only are you already twice as likely to get kidney stones simply because you’re a man, but that extra weight gain increases it even more! If you’ve never had a kidney stone, ask a few friends or colleagues and we guarantee that you’ll find someone who has a few horror stories to share.
  • And then, there’s prostate cancer. Like a big dark cloud that hangs over aging men, prostate cancer is a real threat to all men – even those who aren’t overweight. Research from all over the world concludes that extra body fat increases a man’s already high chances (1 in 7!) of developing prostate cancer.

Don’t be one of the statistics.  Call the Men’s Vitality Center and start to lose that extra weight today!