Contrary to what all of us would like to believe, we are not invincible. Skipping regular doctors appointments might seem like a great idea but in the end it can come back to bite us where the sun doesn’t shine. There is something seriously wrong with the way we view preventative healthcare especially after all of the male-specific health statistics are brought to light. Keeping to a regular schedule with your men’s internal medicine clinic in Phoenix will ensure that any medical concerns are caught before they get out of control. Men’s Vitality Center in Glendale offers superior internal medicine services to keep men healthier and more vital.

Below is a list of medical conditions that only affect men:

  • Low Testosterone: Testosterone levels will rapidly decline for some men. These low levels of testosterone can lead to a multitude of problems; increase fat gain, decreased muscle tone, erectile dysfunction, etc.  
  • Premature Ejaculation: Premature ejaculation is a problem in which a male, during sexual activity, frequently ejaculate too quickly.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction is a problem in which men have a difficult time getting or maintaining an erection during sexual activity.
  • Prostatitis: This disorder is caused by inflammation of the prostate and can lead to urination problems, pain, sexual dysfunction, and more.
  • Other Prostate Problems: Prostate problems, such as prostate cancer, and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Due to the fact that men suffer from different health problems than women, they should focus on finding a men’s internal medicine clinic in Phoenix that they can trust that specializes on men’s health issues like those listed above. Men’s Vitality Center is conveniently located in Glendale, AZ and is accepting male patients of all ages. Call today to schedule an appointment!