According to the Mayo Clinic, up to fifteen percent of couples are infertile. This means they are not able to conceive a child even though they have had frequent, unprotected sexual intercourse for a year or longer. Male infertility is due to low sperm production, abnormal sperm function or blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm. Not being able to conceive a child can be stressful and frustrating, but a number of male infertility treatments are available from our men’s internal medicine clinic in Tempe.There may be no obvious signs and in some cases an underlying problem such as an inherited disorder, hormonal imbalance, or dilated veins around the testicles. Although most men with male infertility do not notice symptoms other than inability to conceive a child, signs and symptoms associated with male infertility include:

Difficulty with ejaculation or small volumes of fluid ejaculated, reduced sexual desire or difficulty maintaining an erection
Pain, swelling or a lump in the testicle area
Recurrent respiratory infections
Inability to smell
Abnormal breast growth
Decreased facial or body hair or other signs of a chromosomal or hormonal abnormality
Have a lower than normal sperm count

When To See A Doctor

See a doctor if you have been unable to conceive a child after a year of regular, unprotected intercourse or sooner if you have any of the following:

Have erection or ejaculation problems, low sex drive, or other problems with sexual function
Have pain, discomfort in the testicles
Have a history of testicular, prostate or sexual problems
Have had groin, testicle, penis or scrotum surgery

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