As you grow older, your body is going to naturally slow down. You may gain some weight, lose some stamina and endurance, and experience difficulty with your sexual health. While sometimes these symptoms are a natural part of growing older, they could also be signs of low testosterone levels. Our men’s internal medicine team in Tempe can help you uncover the truth about your symptoms and help you find the treatment you need to slow, stop, or even reverse them.

A man’s testosterone levels will slowly decrease as he ages. The issue occurs when those testosterone levels decrease too quickly. This can lead to a sudden onset or increase in the severity of your symptoms. The only way to know whether your symptoms are due to low testosterone levels or the natural aging process is through a blood test. Our team can take a look at your results and offer a treatment plan that can help you overcome your symptoms and regain the vitality that you once enjoyed.

If you are tired of feeling sluggish, depressed, experiencing less sexual pleasure, or getting tired easily, come in for a simple test to see if you are suffering from low testosterone. If you are, we’ll get you started on a testosterone replacement therapy that’s easy, affordable, and provides terrific results. You can learn more about this treatment option by visiting our website or contact our team to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our doctors. Call us at 480-588-2430 today.