Obtaining a license from the Department of Transportation requires a full physical and medical clearance every 2 years. For certain people, their medical conditions will only allow for a temporary licensure while other medical conditions may ultimately disqualify them completely from receiving their license through the Department of Transportation. A Department of Transportation physical must be completed by a qualified medical professional (nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, D.O, or M.D.) In order to obtain a men’s physical in Glendale call Men’s Vitality Clinic.

The Department of Transportation is incredibly strict about the health and well-being of their drivers. Safety is always their main priority. Any potential driver that tests positive for controlled substances, medicinal marijuana, medically prescribed painkillers (methadone, amphetamines, habit forming drugs), or sleep medications may be disqualified from receiving a Department of Transportation license. Also, licenses will not be given to individuals with alcoholism.

Potential drivers must not have seizure disorders even if they are well controlled with medications. Driver’s who are dependant on insulin injections for their Type 1 diabetes are also disqualified from receiving their DOT license. Unfortunately individuals who suffer from Meniere’s Disease are also disqualified. Certain forms of tachycardia will lead to disqualification. All tachycardia patients should be evaluated by a cardiologist before a medical clearance is given. Individuals who suffer from narcolepsy and epilepsy may also be disqualified. Vision and hearing tests must also be passed before a driver is able to receive a medical clearance.

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