If you have been reading our blog, or really, if you have been paying attention to medical news in the last few decades, you know that maintaining a healthy weight is important for your health. Obviously, losing weight helps you look and feel better about yourself; however, there are many health benefits to losing weight that you may not anticipate.

Fewer Allergy Symptoms

Being overweight strains your adrenal glands, which help manage allergy symptoms. Losing weight helps your body to manage its reactions to allergies better.

Improved Mood

When you are overweight, your hormones can be out of balance, which affects your mood. When you lose weight, you rebalance your body, improving your overall mood and lessening symptoms of depression.

Clearer Skin

When you have health problems related to your nutrition, it shows in your skin. When you lose weight, your skin looks healthier in response to your improved diet.

Sounder Sleep

Recent research indicates that losing weight will help you sleep longer and better. One recent study showed that participants who lost 5 percent or more of their body weight slept for an additional 22 minutes a night.

Better Sex

As if the benefits could get any better, studies have shown that men in weight loss programs saw an improvement in their libido and erectile function. Regardless of whether that has more to do with less stress on blood vessels or improved self-esteem, it is a great benefit, and a great motivator.
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