We all know that carrying around too much weight is bad for our health. Excess weight can affect cholesterol levels, cardiac health, and so much more. For those that carry around excess weight, joint pain is probably prevalent. Stop thinking that the pain in your joints is due to age, previous activity, etc. Weight is likely to blame for those “ouch” moments when you climb stairs or walk the aisles at the grocery store. Medical professionals at Men’s Vitality Center are dedicated to helping men change their lives in the most positive way possible. Our men’s weight loss management program in Glendale can help you overcome joint pain while decreasing weight!

The main problem with excess weight is that it puts a lot of stress on weight bearing joints. This stress causes weight bearing joints to rub and wear down. This excess stress can cause osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can cause the joints to swell which can be very painful and cause a decrease in activity. A men’s weight loss management program in Glendale though Men’s Vitality Center will teach men of all ages to safely lose weight to improve their lives. Even dropping small amounts of weight can decrease the stress and wear on weight bearing joints. This means that with each pound you lose, your weight bearing joints will reap the benefits!

Imagine what it would feel like to be able to get out of bed in the morning without excessive joint pain due to weight. You would be able to attend to life in a much easier (and pain free) manner. Contact Men’s Vitality Center to learn more about our medically supervised weight loss program in Glendale, AZ!