One major reason businesses fail is their location. It doesn’t matter how great the business plan or how well known and well loved the brand is, a bad location choice can mean a misstep when setting up your new business. This is no different when opening a franchise. When you’re starting a new business or buying into a franchise, you’ll want to make sure and find the right location for the industry and your target demographic. The other aspect of real estate to consider is whether to buy or lease the property.

Resources Available to Our Franchisees

You won’t be alone in making the decision about location for your Men’s Vitality Center. We work through a system to make sure we are finding a location that will lend itself to the success of your franchise once you open. One of the resources we offer when you buy into our medical franchise is the services of Javelin Solutions, a franchise-focused real estate company. Their job is to locate the best site, evaluating the sites to assure low risk and high traffic to the location.

Once a location is found, FC Dadson will work with you to complete the build out so there is consistency between the look of the interior locations. With the help of Men’s Vitality Center and both of these companies, we are able to find you the best location without any trial and error, so you don’t end up as a statistic of failure.

Our goal is success for you as a Men’s Vitality Center franchise owner.