1. Healthcare Franchises Are Entering A Boom Time

    Of all the goods and services offered by franchises--giant pretzels, pest control, elliptical trainers--the most important is probably the one that goes least noticed: healthcare. In fact, many patients have visited a healthcare franchise without even realizing it! With the rising cost of healthcare and the millions of people expected to seek treatment under the Affordable Care Act, physicians, h…Read More

  2. Now Is A Great Time To Buy A Healthcare Franchise

    It’s almost the end of the year and you, like many other people, may consider it a good time to consider a fresh new career by owning your own business. As you contemplate your options, be sure to consider one of the most stable business environments available: healthcare! If you don’t have experience in healthcare then consider a healthcare franchise that can offer you everything you need fo…Read More

  3. Myths About Being An Entrepreneur

    There is something about entrepreneurial success stories that makes people uncomfortable. After all, the very notion of working for oneself flies in the face of convention. An example of someone who not only tried an entrepreneurial gig but thrived in it seems to demand explanation. Don’t be afraid of opening your own business. There are several advantages and factors to consider when starting…Read More

  4. More Myths About Starting A Business Debunked

    There’s no doubt about it: being healthy is in. Consider how many people you know that belong to health clubs and gyms. While you've likely heard a ton of myths about starting a business, owning a Men's Vitality Center is affordable and we offer financial assistance, should you choose to take advantage of our franchise opportunities. We have done the heavy lifting and created a proven business m…Read More

  5. Important Questions to Ask Prior To Purchasing

    Becoming a medical franchise owner may be one of the best and biggest professional opportunities of your life. While many companies put undue pressure and discourage questions, this is not the mentality of Men’s Vitality Center. We want all of our medical franchise owners to be 100% sure that this is the route that they want to take in their professional lives. Owning a business can be a huge t…Read More

  6. Finding The Perfect Location

    Finding the perfect location for a business can be a tedious task. It may take potential business owners months to find a location. The perfect business location is one with great access, ample parking, and in a great area. “Location, location, location” is absolutely true. Setting up a new clinic right next to an existing clinic is probably not the way to go. Doing research is imperative. Tru…Read More

  7. Accept Responsibility for Patients

    It is the responsibility of a physician to look out for the health and well-being of their patients. This can be much more difficult in the line of men’s health care. Statistically men are a much more difficult demographic to take care of on a regular basis. This statistic may be traced back to the fact that men have fewer specialized locations to find a qualified physician. Unfortunately, physi…Read More

  8. Improving The Lives of Every Family

    Medical franchise opportunities give physicians the opportunity to bring a men’s healthcare facility to underserved locations. Prior to the Affordable Care Act, it was noted that men were much less likely to have proper health insurance. With the new law, all men can have proper health care coverage if their area has a health facility. A Men’s Vitality medical franchise that has been erected i…Read More

  9. Equal Standard of Care

    The standards of care for men and women across the United States have not been quite as equal as everyone would like to think. There are women’s health centers set up in every major city. These clinics are fully devoted to dealing with the medical needs and treatments for women. On the other hand, male health clinics are few and far between. Men truly need the same standards of care when it come…Read More

  10. Treating the Macho Mentality

    Statistically men tend to pass on routine medical care for many different reasons. One of the biggest reasons men tend to shy away from the physician's office is the fact that they believe they will be able to “tough it out” without professional help. This type of mentality runs deep in the psyche of many men. It might go back to the macho mentality that men are brought up to believe. It is ti…Read More