1. Why you Should Quit your Job to Buy a Franchise

    In one of our previous blogs, we addressed why it isn’t a good idea to buy a medical franchise for the sole purpose of needing a change in job. Buying a medical franchise isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. At the same time, there are plenty of reasons a qualified person should buy into a medical franchise through Men’s Vitality Center. Be your own Boss Creating your own schedule …Read More

  2. Don’t Buy a Franchise as a Job Change

    You need a professional change in scenery, mainly, the medical office you work in, the industry or the management you work under. You see an advertisement for medical franchise opportunity that touts all the benefits of owning a franchise and you decide to jump on board. You have some money to invest and enjoy the medical field, just not your current position. The advertisement is enchanting and y…Read More

  3. 3 Reasons Franchises Fail

    Franchise ownership comes with a nearly zero fail rate. If you believe this statement, you may be in trouble of failure as a franchise owner. Let’s take a step back. The statistics lean toward this myth of franchise with a success rate of between 80 and 90% (albeit, not a well-founded statistic with buyouts and other solutions to avoid failure). However, there are franchises that barely hang on,…Read More

  4. Men’s Vitality Centers Lower the Need for Unnecessary ER Visits

    An emergency department study was conducted in Oregon to see how the Affordable Care Act has affected those in the state. The outcome told them that from 1997 to 2007, there had been an increase of 40 percent of low-income adults in Oregon visiting the emergency department for medical reasons that did not precipitate an ER visit. Some cases didn’t even require a trip to the urgent care, and coul…Read More

  5. Trust Our Corporate Office for Direction and Support

    Investing in your future by buying a into a medical franchise gives you the opportunity to better your community through opening a health business that satisfies a specific need. Having the support you need is key in being successful for any startup. While every franchise corporate office is different in the support that is offered, it’s important to find a franchise that will support you in bui…Read More

  6. Ways to Succeed at Having Multiple Medical Franchise Locations

    Starting a franchise takes energy. That should be a given expectation for anyone interested in jumping into a medical franchise opportunity. It takes time to get established and to start turning a profit. Once you do so, and the business has some level of autonomy, you may be thinking about starting another medical franchise location. Many franchise owners take on multiple locations and are succes…Read More

  7. 3 Reasons Franchises Succeed

    The business models of franchising has exploded over the last decade or so. With a new focus on healthcare, medical franchise opportunities have emerged on the market. Some have succeeded and others have failed. Statistics on the success and failure of franchises are outdated and don’t carry much weight today, but in general and when followed, the franchise business models find success. In this …Read More

  8. Do you Have What it Takes to be a Medical Franchise Owner?

    While a franchise is a small business, it takes a certain personality to partner with a franchisor. The corporate office wants to make sure they partner with those who are willing to follow the business structure. Here are some of the typical traits of a franchise owner. While some of these can be learned, others come naturally and need to be inherent in a person buying into a medical franchise. S…Read More

  9. How to Improve your Healthcare Franchise

    Owning a healthcare franchise involves managing many different areas. After you have your franchise up and running with a responsible staff, you can continue to grow the business and improve the various areas so you have a successful healthcare franchise. You are following the successful system built by the franchisor, but you still think there is more you can attain from your business. Here’s a…Read More

  10. Men’s Vitality Center Franchises Offer More in One Location

    Men can struggle with their health at any age, but many don’t automatically hop up and make an appointment to see their doctor. We’ve talked about why men make excuses or don’t make the appointment in a previous blog. How about starting a medical center specifically focused around men and their needs when it comes to medical care? If you’re looking for medical franchise opportunities to bu…Read More