1. Building A Good Doctor/Patient Relationship

    At Men’s Vitality Center in Glendale, we care about the health of our patients, so we go above and beyond to ensure you feel comfortable being honest. However, particularly for men, it can be difficult to open up about certain problems. However, you do not have to struggle with your health concerns alone. When you come to Men’s Vitality Center in Glendale, you have a safe space. However, there…Read More

  2. What To Expect From Laser Tattoo Removal

    Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, it is as simple as leaving the bedroom light on by accident when you leave the room. Sometimes, it is more complicated than that, and long term consequences are possible. Maybe you got a tattoo when you were very young and now regret it. Perhaps your tattoos no longer hold the significance they once did for you. Maybe you have changed career paths, and you worry…Read More

  3. When To See A Sports Medicine Physician

    A sports medicine physician is a primary care doctor who specializes in the care of athletes and other active people. At Men’s Vitality Center, we have physicians on staff with sports medicine training to help you to recover from injuries quickly and educate you on preventing future injuries. If you have never been to a sports medicine physician, however, you may not know if you require their ex…Read More

  4. 7 Things To Know About Prostate Cancer

    Men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer need to understand their new diagnosis to pursue the right treatment options. This disease affects about a quarter of a million men a year. With such a high prevalence, it is important that men around the country do not put off their preventative internal medicine appointments in Phoenix. The physicians at Men’s Vitality Center can catch prostate relate…Read More