1. Low Testosterone Treatments: Creams & Gels

    Over the years there have been some significant medical breakthroughs in the treatment of low testosterone in men. Medications are now commonplace for individuals that suffer from an unnatural decline in natural testosterone levels. Your medical professional should be consulted if you believe that you need testosterone replacement therapy. Your physician can help you determine what form of testost…Read More

  2. Age and Low Testosterone

    Low testosterone levels can affect men of any age and in any state of physical fitness. One of the most frequently asked questions is “do testosterone levels decrease with age?” If yes, do you look into testosterone replacement therapy before a natural or lifestyle change? Decreasing testosterone levels is arguably one of the biggest medical concerns within the male population. There have been…Read More

  3. Combat Your Sleep Apnea

    You go to bed at the proper time every night and yet you wake up and you feel tired and restless. It may not be your mattress like you have been thinking. Have you been told that you snore like a train? You may have some form of sleep disturbance such as sleep apnea. It is time that you get the proper sleep treatment from a physician at Men’s Vitality Center. Sleep Apnea is a potentially serious…Read More

  4. Stop Pushing Through Shin Pain

    If you’re a runner you know what it is like to push through shin pain. It seems like a normal part of training at this point. You have to stop hiding behind the excuse that a physician will tell you to stop running. At some point you have to ask yourself when enough is enough. Shin pain can range from a dull throb to a sharp and shooting pain. If you have hit your wall, contact a sports medicine…Read More