Many franchises only offer a few days of training to their new franchise owners. At Men’s Vitality Center, we bring you in for 2 weeks of thorough franchise training that includes spending one week at the corporate office learning about the franchise plan’s ins and outs. The second week, you will spend at different franchise locations where you will get a first hand look at what it looks like to run your own Men’s Vitality Center.

In addition to the upfront training available, we have support that includes:

Real Estate Assistance

Finding the right location is critical to a successful business. Having a medical franchise is no different. We want to ensure you are setting up your Men’s Vitality Center at the best possible location in your community, so we partner with you and Javelin Solutions to research all options and find the perfect location for your men’s medical franchise to start.

Build Out Assistance

Our support doesn’t stop with finding you the perfect location. We also offer the support of a first-class build out. Having a uniform build out for your facility will help with brand recognition.

Marketing Benefits

Our brand recognition is key to growing your medical franchise. Men’s Vitality Center is the nation’s leader in men’s health, and it is recognizable as being a forerunner in the medical industry. Our one-stop-solution to men’s healthcare is unique and built with excellence.

We offer you the best in digital marketing through Franchise Marketing 360® to give you a leg up on any of the competition. Digital marketing for your franchise location will drive your new medical franchise ahead by leaps and bounds.

Our event management team for your franchise will continually have events available to you and your staff to stay in your community’s mind. Event marketing will help you make one-to-one connections with potential patients outside of the office.

Get started with the best grand opening you possibly can with the help of our grand opening support team.


Men's Vitality Center offers many benefits to ownership in our medical franchises. Contact us today for more information.