For a lot of men, stress and weight gain seem like an inevitability of the holiday season. It can take a lot of the joy out of the holidays when you are losing sleep, worried about finishing your shopping, and feeling less-than-your-best after gorging on all the sweets at the latest family get together. Unfortunately, all of this is a recipe for disaster, and you could end up starting the new year feeling unhealthy and unhappy. It’s important to take care of yourself during the holidays so you can enjoy them and start the new year right. Here are some tips from our men’s health services in Tempe.

Self Care Tips for the Holiday Season

Eat before you go to a party.

If you usually gain weight during the holidays thanks to all of the tasty treats at the endless line of holiday parties, you aren’t alone. Most Americans expect to gain weight during the holidays. One of our favorite tips for keeping the weight off and avoiding too much temptation is this: eat before you go to the party. Stock up your own refrigerator at home with healthy fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Before you head out to the party, load up on these items. When you get to the event, it will be a lot easier to say no to the calorie-laden foods. You shouldn’t be afraid to indulge in a little bit, though. Having an occasional treat will help prevent you from completely losing control.

Make getting extra rest a priority.

A lot of people end up losing sleep during the holidays, both in part because of the parties but also because they have so much to get done on their to-do lists. A lack of sleep can severely diminish your joy of the holiday season. More than that, though, it could be a risk to your health, too. Losing sleep makes you more prone to accidents and injuries and could even increase your risk of heart attack and other health conditions. Make it a priority to get plenty of sleep during the holiday season, even if it means saying no to an invitation or two.

Put the focus on experiences and not things.

Some men find gift giving to be the most stressful part of the season. It may be that they hate battling the crowds to find the perfect gift or that the strain on their wallet is almost too much to bear. If gift giving it getting you down, it might be time to change the focus of your giving from things to experiences. Taking someone out for a hot cocoa and a spin on the ice rink won’t cost you much more than $10 but the memories of the time together can last a lifetime. Or make a trip to the movies a new holiday tradition with nieces and nephews, who get to spend time with you and see the latest blockbuster. Or make a trip to the local theatre or a concert a gift to your significant other. It’s something you’ll both enjoy and you won’t have to battle crowds to get it.

Take time out for yourself.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season and get swept away in the tinsel and traditions. But it’s important to slow down and take some time for yourself, too. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a night off. Cancel your plans, get in your favorite loungewear, and enjoy a movie on the television. Going to the gym is another great way to make time for yourself; you’ll feel better afterward as the endorphins from the workout wash away the stress of the holidays. Plus, it will help you work off the slice of pie or all those Christmas cookies.

Practice mindfulness.

It’s important to be in the moment and appreciate what’s happening around you right now. It’s so easy to get stuck thinking about the past or worrying about the future. The next time you are at a party or exchanging presents with loved ones, stop and appreciate the moment. Take in the sights and smells of the moment and appreciate the things that are happening around you right now. It can really help you change your attitude about the holidays and make them feel special instead of stressful.

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