If you’ve ever tried to lose weight through diet and exercise, you’re surely aware of how difficult it can be to stay motivated over a period of several months. Our previous post gave you a few tips that will help you stay on track, and in today’s post, we’ll give you even more tips that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

At Men’s Vitality Center in Tempe, we understand that it can be difficult to lose weight on your own, and it can be even harder if your weight is increasing due to low testosterone levels. If you’re concerned about your weight or your testosterone levels, get in touch with Men’s Vitality Center in Tempe to schedule an appointment. We offer testosterone replacement therapy and a weight loss management program that can help you restore your health.

More Weight Loss Tips

Go Easy on Yourself

As we discussed in our previous post, one of the easiest ways to derail your weight loss goal is by viewing your efforts in an all-or-nothing way. On a related note, if you cheat on your diet or skip a day at the gym, don’t be too hard on yourself! Beating yourself up for a small misstep will only serve to demotivate you, so try to take an all-things-considered point of view when it comes to your progress. After another three months of serious dieting and regular exercising, the one or two cheat meals you had this week will be the last thing on your mind!

Slow Down 

One of the easiest ways to overeat is by eating too quickly. With the ubiquity of smartphones, laptops, and other technological distractions, it’s incredibly easy to devour your dinner without actively realizing that you’re eating it. Try to slow down and space out your bites as you eat. Not only will you feel more centered and present, you’ll also be less likely to keep eating once you’re full.

Drink More Water

Whether or not you’re pursuing a weight loss goal, it’s important to stay hydrated. The average American drinks far less water than they should, and the sensation of thirst is often confused with hunger. Many people find that their weight loss progress quickens when they begin drinking more water, so make an effort to drink a few more glasses of water throughout the day!

Track Your Progress

You see yourself several times in the mirror each day, and this can make it difficult to notice long-term changes in your physique. Track your progress by taking monthly pictures of yourself from different angles. You can compare your current pictures to your previous ones after several months, and we can almost guarantee that you’ll be surprised by the changes! Additionally, you may want to try tracking how much you’re lifting in the gym or how quickly you can run or bike a mile – any and all data is valuable when it comes to tracking your progress.

Men’s Vitality Center in Tempe offers weight loss management and testosterone replacement therapy programs for men in Tempe and the surrounding areas. We’d love to help you achieve your goals! Contact our Tempe office today to schedule an appointment.