With our previous two blogs, we discussed the evolution of the medical franchise. Opening with product-based franchises such as hearing aids, eyewear, and pharmaceuticals and developing into non-medical franchises, mostly targeted to the high demand for in-home senior caregiver services, the healthcare franchise industry has come a long way since 1901.

In our most recent blog, we talked about how the surge of non-medical franchises for senior care flooded the market, requiring more innovation and more unique services in order for businesses to stand a chance at being successful in the past decade. They say “necessity is the birth of innovation,” and the need for a new approach to an old business idea began the drive for the medical franchise.

The Modern Medical Franchise

In this third era of the healthcare franchise, medical professionals have been working to adapt the old franchise model to the new idea of medical service. However, trying to regulate medical clinics across many states and locations requires a complete renovation of the way we have looked at franchises in order to provide consistency and uniqueness across the board while still upholding best medical practices and legal regulations.

In this way, any modern medical franchise must uphold three distinct qualities:

1 – A Sound Business Model

No matter what, a franchise must have a sound business model in order to survive in a highly competitive market. It must have a name that people trust, a quality that their clients can count on from location to location, and a business practice that is already working in a corporate setting. This business model must account for a location’s demographics while still adhering to the corporation’s values and services.

At Men’s Vitality Clinic, we offer all of these things to every franchisee. Because we are dedicated to what we do, we work with all of our franchise owners on a personal level, understanding their unique demands and their patients so that we can better help them market and provide services that their patients really need.

2 – Adherence To Health Laws

A health clinic that does not follow state or national laws regarding health code is one that cannot be trusted and one that faces enormous legal fines and penalties. Because we want to provide all of our clients with the very best, we pay close attention to the national health laws and codes, instructing all of our franchisees so that they know that our business model adheres to all of the government’s best practice requirements. In addition, we work with our business owners in order to understand and adapt our business model to local regulations.

3 – Professional Standards

A healthcare facility must uphold the highest professional standards in order to gain and keep their patients’ confidence. From cleanliness to the attitude of the office staff, every detail matters, and any missing piece could mean a loss in business for the entire franchise. That is why we work diligently in order to make sure all of our Men’s Vitality Clinics are following our professional standards. We can only succeed together.

Contact us today to learn more about our franchise opportunities, and see why Men’s Vitality Clinic is the choice nationwide for men’s health care.