Aging is a normal part of life. After the age of 40 most men become concerned with the side effects of aging. It’s not that you dislike growing older, it’s that you don’t like the consequences. Along with aging comes the decrease of hormone levels, some of which can cause ill effects. Unfortunately, low testosterone levels has been scientifically linked to aging.

After a certain age the glands that produce the male sex hormone, testosterone, can slowly begin to produce lower and lower levels. This can be attributed to primary or secondary disease. The low levels of testosterone can cause a multitude of problems from sexual to behavioral. There are subtle physical signs that male testosterone levels have fallen below normal. Yet, the only true test for testosterone levels is a blood test that can be completed by your physician.

A lower interest in sex is a quite normal part of aging. No sexual desire at all is very abnormal. This is one of the biggest indicators of low testosterone levels. Erectile dysfunction is also a sexual side effect of low testosterone. Physically, you may find that your overall muscle tone has decreased and you are gaining weight faster than normal. This may be a side effect of low testosterone. Psychologically, low testosterone levels can have major side effects. Depression, anger, and fatigue are all very common side effects of low testosterone levels.

Testosterone replacement therapy may be an option for you if you are experiencing low testosterone levels. Visit your physician at Men’s Vitality Clinic for a consultation and more information. You do not have to suffer the ill side effects. Find out the reason you are experiencing low testosterone levels and learn how to combat it.