As the owner of a Men’s Vitality Center healthcare franchise, promoting health and wellness in your community can only help your business. It will allow you to get your name in front of many people several times throughout the year, and create a reputation in the public as an organization that supports healthy living. When it’s time for a man to find a doctor in his community, your name will be at the forefront of his mind.

It takes about seven times of seeing an advertisement to remember it, according to the marketing principle The Rule of 7. Take the rule one step farther and make your healthcare franchise a fixture in the community. It will help establish your name in the minds of residents, especially when offering activities that are fun and interactive. Here are some ideas to get you jumpstarted in the direction of establishing your Men’s Vitality Center in your community:

  • Collaborate with other organizations in town to start a 5k, 10k, ½ marathon or marathon for a charity.
  • Create fun family activities that will be available throughout the different seasons. For example, in  summer, work with the local swimming pool to offer a discount night when the whole family swims, or a bicycle awareness/family bike ride along a trail system.
  • Incentivise annual physicals for men within your Men’s Vitality Center healthcare franchise location. Find sponsors to donate a portion or the full gift for men who come in for their physical.
  • Offer nutrition programs or workshops to teach how to eat well, even if eating out.
  • Start a weight loss programs with incentives. Learn about the hobbies and interests of your target demographic and find sponsors to find gifts to give once they reach goals.

Running a healthcare franchise in Colorado involves offering medical care to many people who, on average, are fit. According to Men’s Fitness magazine, Denver, Colorado ranks as the seventh fittest city in the United States. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t need to see a doctor on a regular basis and for incidentals, so creating opportunities to put your name in front of the community will help. Planning activities like the ones above or others that would fit your community’s demographics and interests can help you insert your Men’s Vitality Center into the lives of potential patients. Planning activities where your staff collaborates with others in the community will expand the clinic’s connections even further.

No matter where your Men’s Vitality Center is located, there are opportunities to focus on the activities listed above or come up with other events that help show men that Men’s Vitality Center is more than a place to go for exams. Carry the clinic’s culture out into the community so they can see you care about overall health. If you find the community is full events and activities like these, sponsor events, host tables and make connections at the established events. Check and see what your competitors are doing and find other events to promote and help grow.