Owning a healthcare franchise involves managing many different areas. After you have your franchise up and running with a responsible staff, you can continue to grow the business and improve the various areas so you have a successful healthcare franchise. You are following the successful system built by the franchisor, but you still think there is more you can attain from your business. Here’s a list of steps you can take to improve your healthcare franchise.

  • Always keep learning. Strengthen your business skills and learn from others—including within the franchise, classes, online forums, etc. Improve your personal skills too. Attend a Toastmaster’s meeting to help with public speaking, brush up on your sales skills if those are rusty, research business taxation, or any other area you have a weakness.
  • Take advantage of periodic meetings with the corporate office. These meetings can be informative and can help you to learn what areas you can improve.
  • Visit other healthcare franchise locations. See what has made others successful and ask questions. Find out what they are doing well and replicate it.
  • “Rub elbows” with your demographic. This will give you ideas for how to market as well as knowing what they need. It will also add a word-of-mouth referral to potential clients. This type of marketing is often the most effective and it doesn’t cost money.
  • Hire self-starters and people who invest themselves in your business instead of doing the bare minimum amount of work. This way, you have the opportunity to delegate tasks and know the work will be done with excellence. With this type of employee, it will help you to free up time to invest in the overall healthcare franchise instead of focusing on employees.
  • Have a plan for the next year to see measurable goals. Use the SMART goals strategy (goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based) when you’re building your plan. Break the plan down into action steps and give them a time for when you should do them.
  • Market smart. Find the marketing that gives you the best ROI. Take the time to find your niche and focus there.
  • Always be marketing. Owning a franchise involves being a full-time representative for the business. People will be making decisions when they meet you about your franchise. Have a great elevator speech, know what your company does, and find a need to fill.
  • Keep an open-door policy for your franchise. Hearing from your employees can inform you if something needs to be changed, updated or removed to make your location better.
  • Stay involved in what is happening in your healthcare franchise. Often, when a franchise gets to the point it can “run itself”, it’s easy to check out. Knowing what is going on in your facility will help.
  • Spend time thinking about what can make your company better.

Harness your best possible self and continue to grow as you manage your healthcare franchise. Improving yourself in areas you may be weak will help round you as a business owner to see where the business needs to be strengthened. If we don’t know something, our ignorance can mean us not seeing a potential downfall. Always keep learning.