There is something about entrepreneurial success stories that makes people uncomfortable. After all, the very notion of working for oneself flies in the face of convention. An example of someone who not only tried an entrepreneurial gig but thrived in it seems to demand explanation. Don’t be afraid of opening your own business. There are several advantages and factors to consider when starting a business and Men’s Vitality Center offers proven, tried and true healthcare franchise models at an affordable cost.

In response, a great number of social and cultural myths have formed around the idea of what it “really” takes to be an entrepreneur. Below are some of the most prevailing myths.

  • It Takes Money to Make Money.  This is perhaps the oldest entrepreneur’s myth of all. The first thing out of a naysayer’s mouth when confronted with a successful entrepreneur is “he must have had an inheritance/been rich/etc.” Our financing assistance programs will allow you to start your business as quickly as possible, while easing the upfront financial commitment & headache of raising capital.
  • You Need a Great Idea. Another commonly imagined stumbling block to being an entrepreneur is lack of a “great idea.” Somewhere along the line, “entrepreneurship” became synonymous in the public mind with “new-age” or “unconventional.”
  • You Need to be Lucky. Sometimes, the runaway success of an entrepreneur seems explainable only by luck. But scores of less celebrated businesspeople prospered with hard work, drive and intelligence. Most people are best served utilizing these things rather than waiting for their entrepreneurial “ship” to come in.