Entrepreneurship is not for the timid. It’s not that it takes tremendous amounts of courage, but you do need a certain tenacity to hit the ground running every morning when you swing your feet out of bed. There are several advantages and factors to consider when starting a business and Men’s Vitality Center offers proven, tried and true franchise opportunities at an affordable cost. Here are a few common entrepreneurial myths about starting a business that you should not believe!

  • You have to know what you’re doing. You actually don’t need to know exactly what you’re doing to get started. Time has proven that continuously. From Magellan, Einstein, Madame Curie, Steve Jobs and beyond, there was never an exact plan for the course ahead — just a general idea that something more was out there.
  • You have to have a full business plan. Something simple that effectively outlines your mission, vision and marketing tent-pole efforts with some data matrix around how you’re measuring your success and you should be good to go. Plus, we already have the business plan and marketing built out for you – as well as brand recognition!
  • You have to start at the right time. The only timing that will ever be right is now. In fact, countless entrepreneurs have started their businesses at the worst possible times in history, and the worst possible time in their personal lives. The timing will never be right — that’s why you need to start right now and let us help you.