There is a lot of talk around company culture these days. One thing that drives a company’s culture is their core values and beliefs. These are the standards for how they do business and make decisions. Daily actions will be lead by these. Large, thriving companies like Google, Zappos and New Belgium Brewery thrive on unconventional values as a large part of their companies. For instance, Google’s number 9 value is “You can be serious without a suit.” They are obviously not stymied by the lack of suits as they have even evolved the language, turning Google, their name, into a verb.

Zappos has a couple of core values that have to do with having fun in the work environment. Their number 3 value is to “Create fun and a little weirdness.” When paired with number 4, “be adventurous, creative and open-minded” and their goal to offer customer service that “Delivers WOW through service” at number one, they have become one of the top companies that has award-winning customer service and has grown the company through their successful model.

New Belgium Brewery out of Fort Collins, Colorado has a very deeply rooted value in their number 4 core value and belief. It is to “Kindling social, environmental and cultural change as a business role model.” Their business model includes employee ownership and incentives to learn and develop their craft. They live this value, but also put into practice their number 10 value of “Having fun.” An organic translation of their culture is an event called Tour de Fat—full of beer, bicycling and fun that is so closely tied to the company values. They have taken the Tour from one annual event in Fort Collins into an event that will take place in 10 U.S. cities in 2015.

Like these three very successful companies, Men’s Vitality Center too has marked itself as a national leader in men’s health. Offering medical franchise opportunities that are brimming with a great company culture, it’s plain to see the difference in what makes them successful. MVC has become a leader, combating illnesses through great medical care and a comfortable, friendly office culture to offset the reasons men don’t get the healthcare they need to remain in optimal health. Taking advantage of our medical franchise opportunities, you can add that mark for great customer service and caring for men’s health to a new level in your community through MVC’s franchises.

Part of what you get when buying into Men’s Vitality Center medical franchises is buying a company culture. As you’re looking at diving into one of the many medical franchise opportunities available, work out what your core values are and make sure they match your personal core values. The MVC franchise’s core values are set and when you buy into the medical franchise, you buy into the culture as well. Within your franchise, it is vital that you stand by the corporation’s values, but it’s also important to not lose your personal core values. By joining the MVC franchises, you can help change the culture around men’s health and vitality in your community. Contact us today to learn more about growing the movement toward a more complete and comprehensive preventative healthcare for men.



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