Medical franchise opportunities can come in all shapes and sizes. As more Americans gain healthcare coverage, it is only reasonable to assume that more Americans will find their way to a physician’s office. To avoid long wait times at existing medical facilities, medical franchise opportunities are popping up around the country. More medical offices mean that more Americans can get the healthcare that they deserve.

The costs of opening a medical facility are astronomical which is a deterrent for many physicians and entrepreneurs. Medical franchise opportunities make owning a medical facility a reality for many people. Not every medical franchise is cut from the same cloth. Many times the money needed to buy into a medical franchise can be almost as much as opening a brand new facility. This seems slightly silly in the long run.

Men’s Vitality Center offers one of the most affordable buy-ins to own a Men’s Vitality medical franchise. An initial investment of only $40,000 will allow you and your partners to own your own Men’s Vitality location. While this price may seem steep, let’s take a look at costs (according to Entrepreneur) of other medical franchises:

  1. OrthoNow: $183,000-$837,000
  2. ApexNetwork Physical Therapy: $119,000-$277,000
  3. BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers: $88,000-$141,000
  4. Doctors Express: $808,000-$1,000,000
  5. GoTelecare: $134,000-$170,000

These are only a few of the medical franchises available around the country. Now doesn’t it seem like a great idea to look into owning a Men’s Vitality medical franchise? Give one of our representatives a call to learn more about our fantastic medical franchise opportunities.