Starting a franchise takes energy. That should be a given expectation for anyone interested in jumping into a medical franchise opportunity. It takes time to get established and to start turning a profit. Once you do so, and the business has some level of autonomy, you may be thinking about starting another medical franchise location. Many franchise owners take on multiple locations and are successful at it and increase their wealth and equity two-, three- or four-fold.

First, in order to start another franchise, you have to have your first one established with a fully functioning staff and management. It is not possible for you to be the one overseeing and micromanaging every area of the first franchise and have enough time to start a second, that is, unless you have a clone.

Second, you have learned lessons through the first franchise location. You already know what it will take to start a new franchise. You have the advantage of your experiences. Expectations will be more realistic than they are for someone who is a first-timer. Evaluate, look back and see what has been successful and what hasn’t. Self-evaluate, see what areas you have weaknesses and where you can improve.

Third, continue to network with other franchisees in your circle and pick their brains. Meet with others who have multiple franchise locations and find out how they manage each and keep them running successfully.

As with any franchise, it takes a certain personality to start one franchise, but it also takes a certain personality to be able to manage multiple locations. Men’s Vitality Center has medical franchise opportunities available. If you already have a franchise through us, look into starting a second location.