Medical franchise opportunities are gaining in popularity throughout the country. The Affordable Care Act that was enacted in 2014 has increased the costs of healthcare to physicians and practices much more than anticipated. Private physicians are looking for efficient ways to keep their overhead costs low. Also, the Affordable Care Act gave thousand of American’s the opportunity to seek health care. Treating patients is now much more difficult. Many physicians are seeing that their reimbursement levels are quite poor. Turning from a private practice to a medical franchise may be one way to combat the monetary problems.

With a rising number of patients comes a need for quality and affordable healthcare. Medical franchise opportunities across the country give physicians and hospitals a way to dispense healthcare to the increased number of patients in a safe and efficient manner. The post-war babies, or baby boomers, have finally hit a critical age within the healthcare system. The mass numbers, approximately 77 million are taking up a major percent of all primary care physicians’ office hours. Over the past 15 years there has been a steady decrease in the number of primary care physicians. With the Affordable Care Act that number is expected to decrease further.

Finding a more affordable means of dispensing medical care will also extend to the patients. Office visits will be quicker, more efficient, and cheaper. Specialists will only be called in when necessary with will save a patient more time and money. There also tends to be decreased paperwork for franchised physicians. All in all, a medical franchise may be the wave of the future. Visit Men’s Vitality Clinic for inquiries about their medical franchise opportunities!