The Affordable Care Act has thrust medical franchise opportunities to the forefront of the healthcare industry. With an increased number of Americans seeking out medical care, franchises have popped up all over the U.S. Regardless of what the name states, the Affordable Care Act is not necessarily affordable for the physician that treats your ailments. Medical practices are seeing a surge in healthcare costs with a decrease in reimbursement rates.

Young physicians may also find it hard to strike out on their own. There is a high failure rate of over 40% for start-up companies after year 5. Typically physicians who would like to start their own practice lack the funds to do so. Medical franchise opportunities may come in handy in this situation.

Start up fees for medical franchises are much cheaper than starting up a brand new practice. The fees and royalties that are collected are put back into the corporation for training and ongoing support services. Choosing to open a medical franchise will allow you to open an already established business for a fraction of the cost. There is no need to brand and advertise for you franchise. All of that is taken care of by the corporate office!

Opening a medical franchise will allow physicians to do what they are trained to do–take care of patients. With an established business model there will be far less paperwork. You and your staff will not have to jump through hoops to give patients the standard of medical care that they deserve!

Men’s Vitality Center is now offering medical franchise opportunities in your area. Start a business that has a higher chance of success. Men’s Vitality offers training and support from location scouting to updating medical procedures!