Working for others can be frustrating. We know that most physicians would prefer to own and operate their own medical practice. With the help of Men’s Vitality Clinic, owning your own medical practice can be much easier than you think. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to own a medical franchise? Did you know that men’s health care is a $135.2 billion dollar industry? It may be time that you and your potential partners look into a Men’s Vitality medical franchise.

One of the major deterrents for physicians who are looking to open a medical practice is the overall cost. Not only is real estate expensive, but remodeling and equipment costs can be astronomical! Also, without a proven business plan you may be looking at the possibility for failure within the first 5 years. Many times banks are unwilling to give the proper amount of money necessary to build a medical practice from the ground, up. Men’s Vitality Clinic can help, even when the banks will not. Financial assistance is an option if you are ready to take the leap into ownership of a medical practice. If you and your partners qualify, Men’s Vitality Clinic will finance the cost of the real estate, build out, equipment, franchising fees, and marketing fees. We understand that raising capital can be tough and we want to make owning a medical franchise a reality.

According to the Annals of Family Medicine, primary care physicians across the  are projected to see a total of 565 million office visits in the year 2025. This means that 3% more primary care physicians are needed throughout the country. More physicians will mean that more medical practices should be built to accommodate the increased number of physicians and patients.

Make your dreams of owning your own medical practice a reality with a medical franchise from Men’s Vitality Clinic. Give one of our knowledgeable and professional representatives a call for more information!